If you need to support more than one schedule for a meeting type's availability, Appointlet provides a simply drag and drop interface to do so. You can get started by navigating to Scheduling Pages and clicking on the meeting type you want to edit.

Select Availability from the left navigation menu. If you only have one schedule, the interface will look like this:

Click on Add another schedule to generate a new schedule on this meeting type. You will see a similar screen pop up, with the option to give the schedule a nickname. This feature makes the schedules easier to recognize at a glance later on. It will not be visible to your attendees.

With the schedule saved, your Availability screen will now display a list of schedules that you can drag and drop. The lower schedules will take priority (override) the ones above them.

<a href=https://downloads.intercomcdn.com/i/o/225776422/34249d279cb058a00e93ca08/Screen+Shot+2020-07-09+at+3.47.29+PM.png"/>
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