Having trouble connecting your Microsoft Office 365 calendar for Outlook?

The first thing to check is your user settings. Select the Calendars option:

From here, review the status of your calendar connection. If you see a red Reconnect button next to Office 365, click it to log back into your account and reestablish the connection.

If your calendar connects, you should be good to go. But if you encounter an error, these are the troubleshooting steps to take:

1) Is your Microsoft Service supported by Appointlet?

The first thing we recommend confirming is the service provider.

Appointlet currently supports Microsoft Office 365, which includes Outlook.com, live.com, or hotmail calendar. Office 365 personal and family plans do not currently support integration with third party apps, so they are not eligible.

We do not support Microsoft Exchange or Outlook desktop software.

We recommend Chrome and Firefox for integrations. If you're using Safari, Microsoft Edge, or another browser, we have encountered some versions that have not been updated to support the OAuth integration protocol.

We don't recommend performing the integration on a mobile device, though it will work for some device and browser combinations.

Office 365 has an Admin-level concept called User Consent that must be turned on. Without that, your email calendar will not integrate with any third parties, including us.

If you are not sure whether User Consent is on, please read this help article at the Office website and follow their instructions.

4) Has your Office 365 IT admin turned on 2FA/Multifactor Authentication?

If your email calendar was previously connected but spontaneously disconnected, it could be that your email password changed or your email account admin turned on two-factor / multi-factor authentication. This is an account integration protocol that requires you to use a tertiary application to generate a secure passcode and verify that you are approved for access.

To remedy this, simply reconnect your email calendar. You won't need to make any updates to your account configuration in Appointlet.

5) Log out of Office.com in your browser, if you're logged in

Go to Office.com and if you are currently logged in, log out of that Office account. Then refresh the Appointlet page and try connecting the integration again. If all the previous conditions were true, you should be able to connect without any issue.

Lastly, you can try connecting the account from another IP address in case your office security features are too strict. Be sure to request permission from your company before doing so.

If you are still having issues connecting your Office 365 account, there is likely a network security feature blocking your integration request. You might also double check that you are using the correct username and password.

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