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Assign multiple team members and a host to your meeting type
Assign multiple team members and a host to your meeting type

How to set up joint meetings that support multiple members

Updated over a week ago

If you want multiple team members available at the same time for a single meeting, then this feature is for you. To get started, open your meeting type editor.

Use the Host Assignment tab in the menu to access the list of members in your organization. From here, click the dropdown menu and select Specific Members to include others in your meeting type:

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The toggle switch to the left of their name indicates that they will be included in the meeting. The host flag is important for web conference meeting types because Appointlet will set that user's integrated conference account as the host.

All selected members on the Multiple Team Members list must be available in order for that time to show up on the scheduling page. If a selected member on this list has an existing booking or busy calendar event blocking them, it will block that time for everyone. Additionally, when a meeting is booked with the host, all other enabled members will receive confirmation emails and, for premium subscribers, reminder emails.

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