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Customize your Scheduling Page Appearance
Customize your Scheduling Page Appearance

Upload company logo and images for members/services

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Your scheduling page is where people will book meetings with you so it's important to ensure the information they see is accurate and welcoming.

Accessing Scheduling Page Settings

Navigate to the Pages menu and select the scheduling page you want to edit. Keep in mind each one uses a unique set of settings.

Note: Anyone assigned to the "Member" role will see only their own individual scheduling page. Managers and Admins may view and edit all individual and team pages.

Click the Settings option at the top of the Pages view to access the settings of the current scheduling page.

Customizing Your Scheduling Page

The Settings menu contains a number of customization options that impact the appearing of the live page your clients will see. We've outlined them individually below:

Page Title

This is the name of your scheduling page which displays at the top of the screen throughout the scheduling process. You might consider assigning your business name, department, or team name here to clarify which collection of services the client is viewing.

Team members with the appropriate permissions can see the name of the scheduling page internally, so naming each scheduling page accordingly helps navigating the dashboard easy.

Page URL

By default, the scheduling page URL will reflect the name you've given the scheduling page, but you're welcome to customize this as needed. Keep in mind each scheduling page must use a unique URL. The slug configured here will carry through to your direct meeting type links as well. We've outlined the full URL format below:[scheduling-page-name]/[meeting-type-name]

Important: Use dashes between words instead of spaces to keep a continuous string of text so the URL remains valid. Do not add any slashes or other URL parameters - Appointlet adds "" for you automatically.

Welcome Message

This is where you can post a custom greeting for your clients. This message displays at the top of the scheduler throughout the booking process and is a great way to provide a brief summary of your services and team, or simply a friendly greeting.

Picture or Logo

Appointlet allows you to upload your company logo to the scheduler to be shown at the top of the page during the booking process. This image will also be used as the thumbnail for your scheduler wherever you share the link.


The language settings here in the scheduling page Settings menu determines:

  1. The language your clients will see while viewing this particular scheduling page.

  2. How times are formatted on the time slot selection page.

  3. Language of the email notifications delivered to clients.

If you have clients in different parts of the world, this tool is especially powerful since you can assign each scheduling page to a different language and link to them accordingly.

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