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Redirect customers to another website after booking
Redirect customers to another website after booking

Direct clients to a thank you page when they complete the booking process

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Appointlet's redirection tool is a powerful way to customize your scheduling flow and keep clients delighted. Whether you want to send clients to a thank you page, a list of additional services on your website, or an external form, or if you'd simply prefer to use your own design for the confirmation page, this feature handles the heavy lifting.

Redirection can be assigned to each meeting type individually, allowing you to direct clients to the appropriate landing page based on how they choose to book with you.


  1. A premium Appointlet subscription.

  2. The URL for an external landing page you'd like your clients to visit after booking.

Adding a Landing Page URL

To get started, navigate to the Pages tab and click on a meeting type you'd like to edit. In the editor view, navigate to the Advanced tab.

Paste your landing page URL in the "Redirect after booking" field and click Save and Publish at the top right of the editor to finish the setup.

Passing Meeting Data to Your Site

Since your clients are already required to provide their information, it's often helpful to carry those details through to your landing page. Not only does this further personalize the experience for clients (you might want to greet them by name on the landing page), but it saves them a lot of extra work! This is especially helpful if clients need to fill out a form or agree to your terms after confirming their meeting.
Just below the Redirection field you'll notice a toggle switch that reads "Include meeting data in the URL query string." Click the toggle switch so that it is blue to include your meeting parameters in the URL of the landing page.

In this example, we've used the Appointlet homepage as our landing page. Without including meeting data in the URL, the client would be directed to the same URL we entered in the Redirection field:

Now that we've enabled the meeting data URL query string, the landing page URL will be followed by a query (?) and a string of values that include all the specific details related to the attendee and the meeting type:

You'll notice below that we've highlighted the meeting type name, which you might use to customize your thank you message to reiterate the name of the specific service that was booked, rather than posting a generic message.

This gives you significant flexibility when it comes to customizing your landing page or even pre-filling fields on your site using the information your clients have already provided.

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