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Configure your user settings

Update your name, email, and time zone

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As a member of an Appointlet account, you're required to set up your own personal user settings. These include your name, email, image/logo, time zone, language, account email, and password. To review update your user settings, visit the Settings menu.

My Profile

The "My Profile" menu is where your basic user information is stored. These details reflect how you appear to your team in the account, as well as what you see in the account dashboard.

Time Zone

The time zone setting here determines how the times within your internal account dashboard are formatted. Keep in mind that this is just for you as a user, while the times that display for your clients on the live scheduling page will need to be formatted in the scheduling page settings.


Much like the time zone setting, the language option in the "My Profile" menu is just for your internal account dashboard. Your public-facing language settings can be updated in the scheduling page settings.


To upload a user picture, click the egg icon just below the word "Picture" and you'll be directed to a menu where you can upload a custom image from a local file, import an image from other services, or choose a stock emoji. This image will display wherever you're listed as a member within the app, such as the Members menu.

Email and Password

The "Email and Password" tab is where you can review or update your current user email address or change your password.

Note: If you signed up using the Google or Office 365 authentication options, you will not have been prompted to set up a password. Changing your password here will prompt you to set one up which you'll then be required to use to log in.

If you're unable to log into your account and need to reset your password to regain access, please visit the password reset page here.

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