To allow clients to upload a file as part of the scheduling process, you will need to use a file hosting service like Dropbox. In Appointlet, you will use markup language to create a hyperlink to your file hosting service. If you're not familiar with markup, don't worry about it. We will outline the method clearly in this article.

Choose a File Hosting Service

Imagine that you were using Appointlet to schedule interviews with job applicants, and want to gather their resume during the scheduling flow. We will use this example in order to have a concrete example. Of course, this approach works for any situation where you need the attendee to upload a file.

Step 1: Create an account

In this example we will be looking at Dropbox for file hosting, however you can use any service that suits your needs. If you don't have a Dropbox account and don't want to research alternatives, we recommend setting up a free account with them.

If you're not sure how to create a file request URL, please take a look at their documentation, located here. It's quick and easy to do. Just be sure that you make the folder public so anyone can upload files to it!

For our job applicant demo, I've created a Dropbox folder called Job Application:

Step 2: Create a new form field on your meeting type

In Appointlet, each meeting type has a custom intake form. You can access it by creating or editing a meeting type.

With the meeting type editor open, click on the Intake Form tab and click the "Add Another Question" link at the bottom of the list.

From here, your field should be labeled based on the file that's going to be uploaded. So if you had a job interview meeting type, you might want attendees to upload their resume. If that were the case, you would add the label "Resume".

Then in your help text, you will use the format: [The text that you want users to see](URL for the file hosting service)

Important: The single space between your [text] and (text) need to be removed. There must be no space between the closing bracket and the opening parenthesis when generating your link. This is a special format called Markup.

Once you've completed this process, hit the Save Changes button and the form field will be registered. Be sure to hit the save button on your Meeting Type editor as well, so that the intake form updates are registered!

What to expect from this File Upload workaround

When your attendees click your scheduling link and reach the intake form, they will see the file upload checkbox. To move forward, all they have to do is click the file-upload link that you provide and drag their file into the hosting service. When that's complete, they will return to the scheduler and check the box to proceed and finish the scheduling flow.

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