Set a maximum number of meetings per day

Limit how many meetings a member can receive for a meeting type

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Appointlet allows you to ensure your team isn’t overwhelmed by setting a cap on the number of meetings that can be hosted via each meeting type per day. The Maximum Meetings Per Day feature offers a simple solution for maintaining a balanced workload for each meeting type.

This tool is especially beneficial for businesses with high meeting demands, ensuring that team members can manage their time effectively and maintain quality interactions.


  • An active Appointlet account with at least one meeting type.

How It Works & Benefits

1. Prevent Over-Scheduling: Limit the number of meetings that may be scheduled per day through a specific meeting type.

Note: While using either “Round Robin” or “Attendees will pick a member when scheduling” for host assignment, this rule is applied to each member individually.

2. Maintain a Healthy Workload: Ensures that team members aren't overwhelmed and can prepare adequately for each meeting.

Setup & Configuration

  1. Access Meeting Type

    • Navigate to the Pages tab of your Appointlet dashboard.

    • Select the meeting type you’d like to modify.

  2. Navigate to Scheduling Rules

    • In the meeting type editor, pick the Scheduling Rules tab from the left-hand menu.

  3. Set Maximum Meetings Per Day Rule

    • Locate the Maximum meetings per day option.

    • Click Add a maximum number of meetings per day to activate the feature.

    • Input the maximum number of meetings you want to allow per day in the provided field.

  4. Save Changes

    • Conclude your setup by pressing the Save Changes button.

With this feature enabled, your scheduler will permit only the specified number of meetings daily for each team member associated with that meeting type.

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