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Manually approve new meeting requests
Manually approve new meeting requests

Set up requirements to approve / decline meeting requests

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For businesses that desire greater control over their schedules, Appointlet offers the ability to manually approve new meeting requests. This ensures every booking aligns with your unique needs, giving you the flexibility to accept or decline your clients’ requests to meet as you see fit.

How Manual Approval Works

Manual approval offers a buffer between meeting requests and confirmation. This feature provides you with the opportunity to review requests and gives you the final say on all scheduling decisions. Here's a breakdown of the process:

  • Review New Meeting Requests: When a customer schedules a meeting, instead of instantly confirming, you'll receive a notification for review. This allows you to screen attendees to determine whether they’re eligible to book.

  • Accept or Decline: Review the meeting details and decide whether to accept or decline. This choice is solely yours. Declining meetings is also a great way to mitigate erroneous meeting requests.

  • Notify the Customer: Once you've made your decision, Appointlet will automatically notify your customer of the status via email.


Before utilizing the manual approval process, ensure:

  1. You have an active Appointlet account and a premium subscription.

  2. You've already set up at least one scheduling page and meeting type.

  3. You are an active team member assigned as the host of a meeting type.

Enabling Manual Approval

To begin with, manually approving meeting requests, follow these steps:

  1. Head over to your Appointlet dashboard and click on the Pages tab.

  2. Choose the specific Scheduling Page and then the Meeting Type you wish to enable manual approval for.

  3. Navigate to the Scheduling Rules tab to find the Manual Approval setting and toggle it on.

With these steps completed, you've activated manual approval for your chosen Meeting Type.

Handling Meeting Requests

Now that you've enabled the manual approval process:

  1. Whenever a client requests a meeting, you will be notified via email. You’ll also receive a “pending” meeting entry in the Meetings tab of your Appointlet dashboard.

  2. Review the request details and intake form responses to determine the attendee’s eligibility to book with you.

  3. Opt to either accept or decline the meeting request.

  4. (Optional) Add a one-time custom message to share any additional details with your client when you approve or decline their request.

Appointlet handles the rest, ensuring your customer is promptly informed of the outcome.

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