To prevent meetings from being automatically approved, you can turn on the Manual Approval feature. Begin by navigating to the Pages screen and click on the meeting type that you want to edit.

From here, select the confirmation option from the left navigation menu. The first option in the list is Manually approve new meetings, with a toggle switch that defaults to the off position. Simply toggle the feature to the "on" state and then hit save.

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What to expect once Manually Approved Meetings are turned on

Once this feature has been turned on, future bookings for this meeting type will enter a temporary holding state. Attendees will receive an email indicating that their meeting request is awaiting approval.

Your team can approve or decline the meetings from the Meetings dashboard using the buttons on the meeting record.

When the meeting is approved or declined, your host and attendees receive a second follow up email with those details. Meetings that are declined will automatically remove the corresponding event from the host and attendee email calendars.

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