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Appointlet Billing FAQ

Pricing structure, seat prorations

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Appointlet offers a flat pricing structure of $10 per member per month. A member is defined as any entity with a unique email login under your paid subscription. All user roles, including owners and admin, are considered members and billed accordingly.

A detailed comparison of free and premium plans can be found on our pricing page.

Accessing the Billing & Invoice screen

To view the billing screen, log into your account and click your profile image to access the dropdown menu in the bottom left corner of the app. Select Billing & Invoice:

If you don't have an active subscription, you'll be prompted to subscribe or add a payment method as shown here:

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Frequently asked billing questions

What are seats in Appointlet?

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At the top of this page we outlined the definition of a member in Appointlet. Each member consumes one seat. The term "seat" is strictly scoped down to the billing modal but it corresponds directly with the number of members you have.

How do annual upgrades work?

If you are on a monthly subscription and you upgrade to annual before the end of your monthly cycle, an automatic proration will be applied by the billing system. This proration is calculated on the remaining number of days in your cycle multiplied by your cost per day.

At the time of the transfer from monthly to annual, Appointlet will first apply that credit to your payment before charging the remainder owed.

Is my bill prorated?

Our billing system will automatically calculate prorations based on the remaining time in your current subscription cycle. So if you add a member mid cycle, the cost will be lower than if they had started at the beginning of the subscription cycle. If you delete a member from your Appointlet organization, a prorated credit is applied and will be drawn from during your next billing cycle.

Paid Subscription Cancellation Policy

Paid subscriptions will automatically renew for the same subscription period unless cancelled by the account owner before the end of that current subscription period. You have the option to cancel your paid subscription at any time via the in-app billing modal. Alternatively, you can contact customer support in app or by email ( with your cancellation request.

When a cancellation is issued, the downgrade from premium to free is scheduled for the time of subscription renewal. Until end of cycle, all premium features will remain active for the organization.

Refund Policy

Organizations are eligible for a full refund on monthly subscriptions provided that no bookings have been made since the subscription started and the account owner makes that request within 7 days of the current subscription cycle.

For annual payment cycles, a prorated refund for the remaining time that will go unused during the current billing cycle plus a 10% cancellation fee may be authorized at any time during the billing cycle.

What happens if I add or remove members during a billing cycle?

The prorations described above apply in the same way when members are added or removed during a billing cycle. When members are removed, a prorated credit is applied and will be drawn from during your next billing cycle. If members are added, a prorated debt is incurred and charged during the next billing cycle.


Annual Discount: Claim a 20% discount when you subscribe annually.

Educators and nonprofits: You may be eligible for an additional 25% discount if you are an EDU or nonprofit. The owner of your Appointlet account can log in and contact us via the live chat tool to submit your request.

If you are an American non-profit, you will need to include a 501C3 that matches your Appointlet organization. Non-American entities will be expected to produce the corresponding documentation. Please allow 1-3 business days for your application to be reviewed.

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