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Update your billing information

Enter a new credit card or change your plan

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Whether you're considering a premium subscription or managing an existing one, Appointlet's billing menu gives you full control over the account's payment details.

Important: Keep in mind only the account owner and administrators may access and interact with this menu.

Navigating the Billing Menu

Begin by clicking into the Settings menu and navigate to the Billing and Invoices section. This menu provides an overview of your current billing configuration.


The "Subscription" section is where you can manage your existing subscription or activate a new one. Appointlet gives you a readout of your current seat quantity and corresponding subscription cost.
To review our subscription payment options and how subscription cost is calculated, please review the Appointlet pricing page.

Activating a new subscription gives you the choice of paying monthly or annually. For those who have set up monthly subscriptions and would like to switch to annual billing, click "Switch to annual billing" to do so.
For those who would like to switch from annual to monthly billing, please contact the Appointlet support team.

Payment Method

The account owner may upload credit cards to the "Payment Method" area. A credit card is required for Appointlet subscription payments by default, but annual subscribers may pay via ACH/bank transfer if preferred. To set up annual payments via ACH/bank transfer, please contact the Appointlet support team to configure configure the subscription.

If you have a card on file already, Appointlet displays the card type, last 4 digits, and expiration date. To update your existing payment method click "Update Payment Method" to add a new card and assign it as the new default.


Account administrators may review and download invoices in this area. To access your invoice history, click "View Invoices" on the right side of the screen. This will open a separate window with your Stripe payment records.

Invoices and payment amounts are listed as line items so you can track your billing patterns over time. Each may be downloaded individually using the download icon just to the right of the invoice date.


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