Best practices for reducing No-Shows

How to prevent last minute cancellations and no-shows

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It's a drag when people schedule a meeting and don't show up!

Fortunately, something can be done about it. Appointlet makes it easy to keep meeting details in front of your attendees and prevent last minute cancellations.

There's more than one way to prevent no shows. Click through any of the following topics for instructions:

  1. Include meeting instructions: Keep the meeting instructions in front of your attendees with confirmation and optional reminder emails.

  2. Send automated reminder emails: Improve attendee access to meeting details with this simple trick.

  3. Cancellation and rescheduling limits: Dictate whether attendees can cancel or reschedule a meeting type. Appointlet will use adjust attendee emails and calendar events accordingly.

  4. Easy-to-access Web conferencing: For web conferences, we'll place your unique "join conference" links into all confirmation and reminder emails, as well as calendar events. So people know exactly how and when to join.

When an attendee schedules a meeting with you, we create a calendar event for them automatically. Event details includes meeting instructions.

Feel like we're missing a key feature to help you with this? Pop open the chat tool and contact us directly to let us know!

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