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Integrate Microsoft Teams with Appointlet
Integrate Microsoft Teams with Appointlet

Leverage our Microsoft Teams integration to effortlessly schedule and conduct your virtual meetings.

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To host virtual meetings on Microsoft Teams, you will need to begin by clicking the Settings icon in the navigation menu and then navigating to the Web Conferencing tab.

In the new menu that appears, you'll see a list of Appointlet's core web conferencing integration options. Let's take a look at the setup process.

Connecting Teams

You will be presented with this web conference modal. Click the green button to the right of the Teams option that says Connect and you will be taken to an authentication screen.

If you are already logged into Teams, the screen will simply ask you to accept or decline the integration. If you are not logged in yet, enter your Teams login credentials to connect Appointlet to your Teams account.

Upon connecting, the Teams browser tab will close automatically. Appointlet will auto-update to display your connected account. You can click the ellipsis (...) to access the web conference settings or delete the connection.

Setting Teams as your meeting location

With your web conference service integrated at the user level, you can close the user settings panel and navigate to your scheduling pages. From here, click on the meeting type that should be configured for web conferencing and navigate to the Location tab.

Select Teams from the list of web conferencing services. Be sure to save and publish your changes to update the meeting type settings.

Host and Attendee Links

Once your web conference location and integration are set up correctly, your meetings will automatically generate a unique web conference URL for each meeting. All attendees will receive a confirmation email that includes a direct link to join the meeting.

As the meeting host, you'll receive a notification email with the link as well, but you'll also have access to the link in the Meetings tab of your dashboard.

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