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Using Personal Meeting Room Links
Using Personal Meeting Room Links

Prefer to have a fixed meeting room link? Here's how you can set one up.

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When scheduling a virtual meeting with someone, you can either provide the same link to everyone or generate unique URLs for each meeting.

Most companies prefer to generate unique URLs, as it helps to prevent early arrivals from crashing the previous meeting. To do that in Appointlet, you would set the Meeting Type Location to "Meet on a Web Conference" and make sure that the appropriate conference integration exists at the user settings level.

But if you prefer to share a single URL with all of your attendees, then you'll need to use a different method. The meeting type location should be set to "No Location Specified" as shown here:

Then in your Notifications section, you can add instructions including a link to your hardcoded meeting URL.

Keep in mind the Meeting Instructions feature is only available via the premium subscription plan.

In this example we've shown a Zoom link, but you can use this with any web conference provider. Just highlight the URL to access the Link tool and you'll be able to turn your plain text into a hyperlink:

When someone books with you, they'll get a message like this indicating the meeting date and time. Directly below that information are the meeting instructions, which include your web conference hyperlink:

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