When you first create an account, Appointlet will present you with the option to connect an email calendar account. If you do so, the following screen appears to ask whether you'd like to add meetings and check for conflicts on any specific calendars:

By default, Appointlet will not add meetings to your calendar. You can select a Meeting Calendar during the setup process by hitting the edit button shown above.

If you already completed the setup wizard and still need to assign a Meeting Calendar for your scheduled events, start by clicking your username in the upper right corner of the dashboard. Then select Calendars as shown here:

From the calendar menu, you can click Use For Availability to tell Appointlet to check that calendar or subcalendar for busy events. Additionally, you can click Set as Meeting Calendar to set a subcalendar as the destination for all of your scheduled events. Only one Meeting Calendar can be chosen per member.

With a Meeting Calendar assigned, each meeting scheduled through Appointlet will generate an event in your calendar. Here's an example of what one of these events look like in Google Calendar:

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