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Scheduling Reminder Emails for improved meeting attendance
Scheduling Reminder Emails for improved meeting attendance

How to automate outbound email reminders

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Minimize no-shows and tardiness by setting up reminder emails for your attendees. Appointlet offers a robust, customizable Reminders feature for each meeting type. Reminder emails are automated, so all you need to do is define when you’d like them to be delivered relative to the start of a scheduled meeting and Appointlet will handle the rest!


  • An active Appointlet account and a premium subscription.

How It Works & Benefits

  1. Automated Reminders: The feature sends reminders to attendees about upcoming meetings.

  2. Configurable Timing: While the default settings send reminders one day and one hour before the scheduled time, you can adjust these timings based on your preferences.

Setup & Configuration

  1. Access the Meeting Type

    • On the Pages tab of your account dashboard, click the meeting type where you'd like to set reminders.

  2. Navigate to Notifications

    • Use the navigation menu and choose Notifications. This section houses the Reminder Emails feature.

  3. Customize Reminder Timings

    • The default settings send out reminders a day and an hour before the meeting. You can adjust these intervals and even add more reminders if desired.

  4. Save Changes

    • Once you're satisfied with the reminder settings, save the meeting type.

Testing Your Setup

  • Consider scheduling a test meeting to ensure that reminder emails get sent out at your chosen intervals.

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