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Collect payment with Stripe or PayPal
Collect payment with Stripe or PayPal

Integrate with a provider and add prices to your meeting types

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Trying to collecting payments manually can be a pain. So we've developed this automated solution with two providers - Stripe and Paypal. Once you complete the integration with either provider, you will be able to set prices on your meeting types and require payment from customers in order to submit a meeting request.

To get started, select Settings from the left navigation menu in the dashboard or click your profile image to select Settings from the list. In the settings menu that opens, click on Payment Collection as shown here. Then click the green Connect button to get started:

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Connecting a Stripe account

The quickest way to connect a Stripe account is to start by visiting their website and logging in as the account owner. Once you've done that, the Appointlet integration screen will automatically detect your account and you can simply hit the Connect button as shown here:

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Connecting a Paypal account

When you click the connect button for Paypal, this screen will pop up. Simply enter your login credentials and the account will automatically connect.

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Disconnecting an account

Once your account is connected, the green button will be replaced with an ellipses (...) that you can use to disconnect it, if you ever need to do so in the future.

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Setting prices for your meeting types

Once your Stripe and/or Paypal integrations have been completed, navigate to the meeting type you want to edit. Click on the meeting type card to edit it:

From the meeting type editor, select Payments on the left navigation menu. Decide whether you want to collect payments for this meeting type using Stripe or Paypal. Then add the price that you intend to charge and make sure you select the appropriate currency:

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When you're done, click the Save Changes button on the meeting type to complete this step. You will find that the now price shows up on your meeting type card in the scheduling page dashboard.

How the price displays to attendees on your scheduling page

When you share a link to that meeting type, the price will be displayed on the left-hand side of the scheduling page. When an attendee fills out and submits their form, the confirmation button includes a clear call to action including the price that they should expect to pay:

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Frequently asked questions

How do I process refunds?

Appointlet does not store any payment information, so all refunds will have to be issued from your Paypal or Stripe account directly.

Are cancelled meetings automatically refunded?

No, you have the choice as to whether to refund individuals when they cancel. To do so you will need to log into your Paypal or Stripe account and process the refund manually.

Does Appointlet support coupons / discount codes?

We do not currently offer a coupon or discount code feature, however you can create private meeting types with discounted rates and share those with people who qualify.

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