Adding Notes to Meetings

How to use the Meeting Drawer to stay on top of important meeting updates and keep your team in sync

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Stay organized and informed by using Appointlet's Meeting Notes feature to keep track of important information or updates regarding your meetings. Utilize this feature to maintain clear communication with your team, especially when there are last-minute changes or updates. Keep in mind any team members assigned to a role other than “Booker” may view and create meeting notes.

This feature is also useful for tracking attendee behavior, such as tardiness, no-shows, or any valuable topics discussed during a meeting.


  • An active Appointlet account.

  • A scheduled meeting.

How It Works & Benefits

  1. Stay Updated: Whether there's a change in plans or new requests, keep your team in the loop with real-time notes.

  2. Increase Efficiency: By recording all meeting-related notes in one place, you save time and avoid communication mishaps.

Setup & Configuration

  1. Access the Meeting

    • Head to the Meetings tab.

    • Click on the desired meeting to view its details. The Meeting Drawer will appear from the right. This is where you can review the specific information related to the selected meeting and add/view notes.

  2. Navigate to Notes

    • Click on the Notes button in the Meeting Drawer.

    • Select the "Write a Note" box to begin typing.

  3. Utilize Formatting Tools

    • Above the text box, you'll find tools to bold, italicize, underline, or organize your notes with bullet points or numbered lists.

  4. Post & Manage Your Note

    • After typing your note (e.g., mentioning that the attendee might be late due to traffic), click Add Note.

    • Your note will appear in the log with your name, profile image, and a timestamp, similar to a chat thread. This ensures everyone knows who made which note and when it was recorded.

    • To edit or delete a note, click the ellipses (...) on the right, revealing additional options in the dropdown menu.

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