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Allow Attendees to Choose a Meeting Host
Allow Attendees to Choose a Meeting Host

How to prompt your clients to select a host before they choose a time slot to book

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Offering attendees the option to select their preferred host enhances their scheduling experience. While the default setting in Appointlet assigns a specific host for each meeting, the "User Chooses" feature provides a more personalized approach. It's especially handy for loyal customers looking to book with a favorite host or when you need to organize various hosts with different schedules under one meeting type.


  • An active Appointlet account with at least one meeting type set up.

  • Multiple hosts or members associated with your account.

How It Works & Benefits

  1. Enhanced Personalization: Attendees often appreciate the ability to pick their preferred host, making the scheduling process more tailored to their needs.

  2. Efficiency: By allowing multiple hosts for one meeting type, attendees can opt for a host that suits their schedule, without the constraints of a single host's availability.

  3. Flexibility: Each host can have a unique availability schedule, ensuring accuracy and preventing potential scheduling conflicts.

Setup & Configuration

1. Access the Meeting Type Editor

  • Navigate to the desired meeting type and click to open its editor.

  • Choose the Staff Members tab from the left navigation bar.

2. Configure the Host Assignment Option

  • Select "User Chooses." This action prompts attendees to choose a host before selecting a time slot.

3. Add More Hosts

  • To include additional members, click the “Choose Member” dropdown and make your selections. An “Add all members” option is also available for bulk additions.

4. Set Individual Availability for Hosts

  • By default, all members assigned to the meeting type will use the schedule configured in the Availability tab. If you'd prefer to assign your members to a custom schedule for this meeting type, click Add Custom Availability.

Testing Your Setup

  1. Access the Live Scheduling Page

    • Use the View Live button, located near the top of the Pages tab.

  2. Run a Test Booking

    • Select the meeting type you modified. You (and your clients) will be prompted to select a host before moving on to the time slot selector.

    • Complete the process by choosing a time slot and finalizing the meeting. This ensures you've booked with the selected host without clashing with other hosts' schedules.

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