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Locating (and updating) the API Identifier for a Form Field
Locating (and updating) the API Identifier for a Form Field
Updated over a week ago

Every custom form field you create comes with a unique identifier known as an "API Identifier". This acts as a unique 'name' our system uses to identify the specific form field when performing certain operations. These operations can range from pre-filling form field data to sending data via our webhooks. Having a good understanding of what an API Identifier is, and knowing how to find and edit it, will make it easier to work with form fields.

Locating the API Identifier for a Form Field

In your Appointlet dashboard, navigate to the appropriate meeting type and select the "Intake Form" section:

Next, click on the form field you wish to view and/or change the API Identifier for. In this example, we'll use the custom "Company" field at the bottom of the list. In the new menu that appears, click the "Advanced" button to reveal the field's API Identifier.

By default, the API Identifier is the form field name in lowercase, with spaces replaced by underscores. For instance, if we were to call this field "Company Name" the API Identifier should be "company_name" so that it matches while following this formatting rule.

If you'd like to change the API identifier for a field, simply edit it here and click "Update Form Field". Don't forget to also save and publish the changes on the meeting type.

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