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Collect Payments with Stripe

Integrate with Stripe to collect payments from clients during the scheduling process

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Appointlet simplifies the process of collecting payments for your meetings by integrating with Stripe. This automated solution allows you to set prices for your meeting types and require payment from customers before they confirm their meeting with you.

Please Note: Payment Collection is not compatible with Manual Approval.

Setting Up Stripe Payment Integration

  1. Access Payment Settings:

    • Navigate to your dashboard and select Settings from the left navigation menu or click your profile image and choose Settings.

    • In the settings menu, click on Payments.

    • To begin the integration, click the green Connect button.

  2. Stripe Account Integration:

    • Visit Stripe’s website and log in as the account owner.

    • In the Appointlet Payments screen, hit the Connect button to auto-connect. If you haven't logged into Stripe elsewhere on your device, a new window will appear prompting you to log in.

  3. Disconnecting an Account:

    • Once connected, the option to disconnect will be available under the ellipses (...) button to the right of the integration, allowing you to manage your connections.

Setting Prices for Meeting Types

  1. Access Meeting Type Editor:

    • Navigate to the Pages tab and choose the meeting type you wish to edit.

    • Click on the meeting type card in your dashboard. Each meeting type

  2. Edit Payment Options:

    • In the meeting type editor, select Payments from the navigation menu.

    • Select Stripe as your payment collection service.

    • Set your price and select the appropriate currency.

    • Save your changes to update the meeting type.

How Prices are Displayed

When sharing your meeting type link, the price will be displayed on the scheduling page. During the booking process, attendees will see the cost included in the confirmation button.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I process refunds?

    • Appointlet does not store payment information, so refunds must be issued directly through your Stripe account.

  • Are cancelled meetings automatically refunded?

    • No, issuing refunds for cancellations is at your discretion. This requires manual processing in your Stripe account.

  • Does Appointlet support coupons/discount codes?

    • While Appointlet doesn't currently offer a coupon or discount code feature, you can create private meeting types with discounted rates and share those links with qualified individuals.

By integrating Stripe with Appointlet, you streamline the payment process for your services, making it easier and more efficient for both you and your customers.

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