In order to detect busy events in your email calendar and write new booking events to it, Appointlet needs to authenticate the connection. To connect your Google or Office 365 Business calendar, begin by clicking on your user icon in the upper right corner of the dashboard and selecting Calendars:

If you do not have any calendars connected yet, the first step will be to click on the Google or Office 365 icons as shown in the image below:

Once your account is connected, all of your sub-calendars will appear in the calendar dashboard. You can toggle your preferences to tell Appointlet whether to look for busy events in these calendars or not.

If you need to connect additional email calendars, select Add another account and choose the appropriate email calendar provider. The new calendars will be added to this page in a vertical stack. When calculating your availability, Appointlet will review all of the calendars marked Use for Availability.

Later, if you need to manage your connected calendars, you can use the ellipses (...) on each section to delete the calendar connection.

Troubleshooting your calendar connection

Please use a desktop or laptop computer to connect your email calendar accounts. A current browser like Firefox or Chrome is recommended. Double check that your username and password are correct.

Network security features typically permit the OAuth2 integration protocol, but in some cases they can block the attempt, so be sure to check permissions with your IT team.

If you're attempting to connect Office 365, please see this article for further troubleshooting ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: When a host's Meeting Calendar has "used for Availability" switched off, can attendees double-book that host into the same time slot for separate meetings?

A1: No, when an attendee makes a new booking with that host, it will generate a calendar event in their Meeting Calendar. That event will block out the time slots for that host on any of their related scheduling pages.

Q2: What do I do if an existing Meeting Calendar fails to connect?

A2: There are a few factors that can cause a Meeting Calendar connection failure. We've outlined a few troubleshooting steps to help you reestablish the connection:

  1. Make sure you are using either a Google or Office 365 Business calendar.

  2. If you changed your Meeting Calendar account password, the account must be reconnected so Appointlet can access the calendar using the new credentials.

  3. Update your browser to the most recent version.

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