The time zone associated with a meeting type will determine how the scheduled availability appears. We pull the default time zone for your meeting from the time zone in your user settings, shown here:

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However, we also give you the option to configure a unique time zone at the meeting type level. To do that, navigate to your Scheduling Pages and click on the meeting type that you want to edit.

From here, select the Availability option from the left navigation menu and open up your schedule editor. If you have only one schedule, the editor will be open automatically. In the bottom right corner, locate the "Times in ..." text and click on the Edit button to update the time zone associated with this meeting type.

Time zones are translated for your hosts and attendees

Appointlet handles time zone differences for meeting hosts and attendees alike. The time zone on your meeting type's Availability page will be translated to ensure that everyone's on the same page.

Each team member assigned to the meeting type has a user time zone (addressed at the beginning of this article). We use this time zone and the optional integrated calendar to determine their availability.

Alternative: Lock the Time Zone for attendees

If you do not want Appointlet to automatically detect the user's time zone and translate your scheduler for their times, you can use the Locking feature instead.

When you click customize, you'll have the option to select a specific time zone from the dropdown menu:

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