Are you going to be busy during a time that's normally marked available? Here's a quick solution for how you can block that time from showing up on your Appointlet scheduler.

To schedule a break, simply add an event to your calendar (recurring if desired) that spans the time you would like to block out. This will prevent your clients from scheduling events at that time.

For a vacation you can do the same by ensuring the event is busy and spans the full length of your vacation.

Setting Availability in Google Calendar

Open the Google Calendar you wish to use to block out your Appointlet availability. Select the day you wish to add an event to.

Select Event from the top navigation bar and add the hours you would like this event to block. We recommend naming the event as well so you can keep track of your scheduled time off. Once you've set up your event details, click More Options at the bottom right.

In the next window that appears, make sure to mark the event Busy.

Setting busy events in Office 365

To set a busy event in Office, select the day on your calendar display that you would like to block off. In the window that appears, you can change the time frame on the right hand side. But most importantly, be sure mark the event Busy from the navigation bar at the top.

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