Adding breaks before and after meetings

Require a time buffer around your scheduled meetings

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Sometimes you need time between meetings to catch a breath, clean up, or move to a new location. In Appointlet, these breaks are called buffers and can be configured at the meeting type level.

Begin by navigating to the Pages tab and click on the meeting type that you want to edit.

Choose Scheduling Rules from the navigation menu and the third item on the list will be Buffers. You can add breaks before or after your meeting by clicking the links and entering the number of minutes or hours that you want.

Keep in mind that buffers are only applied once a meeting is scheduled and are not shown between time slots on the scheduling page. Once a meeting is scheduled, the buffers will block out any overlapping time slots. The screenshot below displays the time slots for a day that has not yet received any bookings.

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However, you'll see in the next image that when the 12:00 PM time slot is booked using the buffer settings shown above, the buffers block out time slots before and after this meeting. Additional time slots have been removed as well to ensure that all remaining openings have room to be booked and apply buffers of their own.

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