Want to accept new meetings and distribute them evenly across your team? With Round Robin scheduling, it's easy to make sure everyone gets their fair share of meetings.

To access this feature, open your meeting type editor and navigate to the host assignment section:

Setting a priority status

The star icons to the right of the user's name indicate priority over other members. The users who have highest priority (most stars) will be cycled through first. If none of them are available, the remaining users will be cycled through according to their star count. In this way, you can elect key members of your team to take the bulk of your bookings.

Select Team Members

You can assign team members to a meeting type by enabling the toggle switch next to their name so that it turns blue. To the right of the member, web conference icons indicate which services have been integrated for their account. Click the calendar icon to edit and customize the member's availability on this meeting type.

The update availability screen allows you to define their availability for this particular pooled meeting type. If you set this up at some point and decide you want to revert back to the meeting type's default, an option is provided in the bottom left of the screen:

If you don't select "Edit Availability", then Appointlet will default to the availability indicated on your Meeting Type's availability section:

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