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Round Robin: Distribute meetings across a team
Round Robin: Distribute meetings across a team

How to set up pooled availability for a meeting type

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Ensure your team's workload is evenly distributed by enabling the Round Robin host assignment feature. This tool evenly cycles through all assigned team members, ensuring each one receives an equal number of meetings based on their priority level and availability.


  • An active Appointlet account.

    • Free users may add up to 2 members to the Team Members list while using round robin host assignment.

    • Premium users may add as many members to the Team Members list as desired.

  • At least one existing meeting type.

How It Works & Benefits

  1. Automatic Host Assignment: Appointlet will automatically assign a meeting host while using Round Robin host assignment. This means that if a time slot share between multiple members is selected by an attendee, the meeting will be assigned based on your team’s priority level and availability. If a time slot only offered by a single member is selected, the meeting will be assigned to that member.

  2. Distribute Fairly: Share new meetings amongst all team members.

  3. Maximize Productivity: Ensure that no team member is overwhelmed and that meetings are allocated in the most efficient manner.

Setup & Configuration

  1. Access Meeting Type Editor

    • Open the desired meeting type to bring up the editor.

  2. Enable Round Robin Host Assignment

    • Head to the Team Members section within the editor and select the Round Robin option from the host assignment list.

  3. Set Priority for Members

    • Observe the star icons next to each user's name; these determine which member is first in line to receive new bookings.

    • The more stars a member has, the higher their priority. High-priority members will be the first to be assigned to new meetings if they are available at the selected time.

    • If top-priority members are unavailable, Appointlet will then cycle through the others based on their respective star counts and availability.

  4. Activate Team Members

    • Enable the toggle switch adjacent to a team member's name so that it is blue to make them eligible for booking through the meeting type.

  5. Determine Availability

    • By default, members assigned to a meeting type will use their default schedule from the Schedule Manager in the Availability menu.

    • To assign team members to a different schedule, click the box next to each member's name in the Schedule column to choose a different schedule from the dropdown list.

    • Ad Hoc Availability (Optional): If each team member assigned to this meeting type needs to use the same availability schedule, navigate to the Availability tab and select the Ad Hoc Availability option. The availability configured here will apply to all members assigned to the meeting type in place of their schedules.


  1. Members not being assigned meetings:

    1. Ensure that the team member's toggle switch is activated (turned blue) in the Team Members section.

    2. Review the availability schedule assigned to each member to ensure their custom availability is accurate or if anything needs to be updated in the Availability tab. Keep in mind that updating the schedule here will impact all members using the default availability for this meeting type. If everything appears to be configured properly in this menu, please see this guide to troubleshoot other potential availability issues.

  2. Imbalanced meeting distribution: Double-check the priority levels (star counts) for each member. Ensure that they're set as intended.

  3. Web Conferencing Links Failing: Validate that the respective services are correctly integrated by checking the web conference icons next to each member.

  4. Still experiencing issues? Reach out to Appointlet support for further assistance.

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