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Customize the Intake Form on your scheduling page
Customize the Intake Form on your scheduling page

How to create new form fields and collect info from attendees

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Appointlet's scheduling flow includes an intake form that allows your team to collect important information from clients prior to booking. Email, first name, and last name are required by default so Appointlet can generate email notifications, calendar events, and a meeting entry in your dashboard. However, it may be helpful to collect other details so you can:

  1. Learn more about clients before meeting with them.

  2. Screen clients to approve or decline requests to meet based on eligibility.

  3. Prepare relevant questions, information, or materials before meeting.

  4. Pass attendee data to a landing page with personalized messaging.

  5. Record attendee data in your CRM.

  6. Trigger actions in other services via Zapier automation based on responses.

Appointlet offers 8 types of form fields that you can add and customize, giving you plenty of flexibility to efficiently collect critical information.


All Appointlet users have permission to customize the intake form. However, a premium subscription is required to unlock some additional workflows.

  • Free Users may add up to 3 custom fields to the intake form. These fields will always be visible.

  • Premium Users may add unlimited custom fields to the intake form, pre-populate form fields, and make any custom fields hidden from the attendee's view to discreetly pass data into other services.

Accessing the Intake Form

To get started, navigate to the Pages dashboard and click on the meeting type that you want to edit. Click on the Intake Form tab in the editor to view your list of current intake form fields.

Keep in mind that each meeting type uses a unique intake form. This gives you the ability to collect information relevant to the meeting type in question.

Customizing Form Fields

The majority of intake forms are made of simple Text Fields that collect a small amount of text information. However, a variety of other options are available including the following:

  • Paragraph field - collect a long form response

  • Choice field - Present a list of choices and let them select one

  • Multiple Choice field - Present a list of choices and let them select multiple

  • Checkbox field - Pose a question and let them click a checkbox to confirm

  • Place field - Collect a location from the attendee

  • Date field - Let them select a specific date

  • Time field - Let them designate a specific time

To create a custom fields, click "Add Another Question" below the list of existing fields. This will open a new window where you can select a form field type, fill out the details, and determine whether it should be required or optional.

The label and help text wrap around the field and provide additional context. Choice and Multiple Choice fields will open a third text area for you to list out each of the choices, separated by line breaks.

Pre-Populating Form Fields

If your clients are required to fill out a form or supply information before accessing your scheduler, you can eliminate redundancy by pre-populating form fields using URL parameters. To get started, click the "Advanced" button at the bottom of the form field editor to find the API Identifier assigned to the selected form field.

You'll need to use this API Identifier to map values provided on another page to the corresponding Appointlet form field. Click here to learn more about the setup and testing process for this workflow.

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