When attendees visit your scheduling page and pick a time to meet, we present them with an Intake Form to gather some information. Appointlet will ask for their name and email by default, but you can add more fields to collect other kinds of data.

To get started, navigate to the Pages dashboard and click on the meeting type that you want to edit.

With the meeting type editor open, click on the Intake Form tab and click the "Add Another Question" link at the bottom of the list.

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The majority of intake forms are made of simple Text Fields that collect a small amount of text information. However, a variety of other options are available including the following:

  • Paragraph field - collect a long form response

  • Choice field - Present a list of choices and let them select one

  • Multiple Choice field - Present a list of choices and let them select multiple

  • Checkbox field - Pose a question and let them click a checkbox to confirm

  • Place field - Collect a location from the attendee

  • Date field - Let them select a specific date

  • Time field - Let them designate a specific time

<a href=https://downloads.intercomcdn.com/i/o/225366424/0fb7b7460dd24515a4319cf2/Screen+Shot+2020-07-08+at+1.49.26+PM.png"/>

Other important features of the Form Field editor include the Label and Help text, which wrap around the field and provide additional context. The choice fields will open a third text area for you to list out each of the choices, separated by line breaks.

Sending data into Appointlet with form prepopulation

If you want to pass data into the Intake Form when sending the attendee to your scheduling page, that can be accomplished with form prepopulation. Check the populated via URL box to view your formatted URL.

<a href=https://downloads.intercomcdn.com/i/o/225369602/6fd06e2c36edaf683caf621c/Screen+Shot+2020-07-08+at+1.59.59+PM.png"/>

To test that this field is working as expected, simply swap out the word "VALUE" with your own content and visit the URL. You should see that form field automatically filled out with the value you entered.

If you need to prepopulate multiple form fields, simply check this box for each of the fields you create. Then use the & symbol to combine multiple fields as in the following format:


The multiple choice field can receive several values connected by pipes. So if for example your multiple choice field allowed users to pick the colors that they like, the VALUE format might look like this:


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