Appointlet's dashboard is written in English, however we offer a variety of language translation options for your scheduling pages and email messaging. There are two locations in the app where language can be configured, so we'll show you each of those now and help you visualize how they impact your account configuration.

Scheduling Page language setting (attendee-facing translations)

To translate the language for your scheduling page and the emails that your attendees receive, get started by clicking on the (...) button shown here:

Within this screen you'll be able to select your language of choice from the options we have available. You'll find the dropdown selector at the bottom of the screen:

What to expect from your translated scheduling page

Once you've chosen a language and hit Save Changes, we recommend testing your scheduling page to see how it looks. As shown below, core scheduling functionality like dates, duration and page instructions are translated because they are core to the Appointlet product.

Your organization's chosen naming conventions will not be translated, so in this example the words "sales team", "discovery call", and "test description" are still in English despite the page being translated to German. You can solve this by updating the name of your scheduling page, meeting types, and messaging to the language of choice.

The form fields for first and last name along with the checkbox for saving information will all be translated, because they are core elements of the intake form. Custom fields on the other hand will not be translated. They will need to be written in your language of choice. In the example below, an organization used English labels and translated their page to German:

The final step of the scheduling process will look like this. Again, the Discovery Call is untranslated because the organization has used an English label for their meeting type. By updating it to German, this page would be fully translated.

What your attendees can expect from translated email notifications

Instruction to your attendee wills be translated based on the scheduling page language that you selected. Here is an example of the German translation:

Don't see a language option that you need? Reach out and let us know with the live chat tool. We'll add a +1 to the request.

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