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Translate your scheduling page into a different language
Translate your scheduling page into a different language

Choose from English, German, French, Spanish, Danish, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese

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The scheduling page is where people will choose a time to book with you so it's important to translate the wording appropriately. Updating the scheduling page language will also automatically update the language of the email notifications your clients receive after scheduling.

Setup & Configuration

  1. Navigate to Scheduling Page Language Setting

    • Start by clicking on the Settings option at the top of your Pages tab. Be sure you’re viewing the desired scheduling page, as each one has its own unique settings.

  2. Choose Language

    • Inside this section, select the "Edit" button next to the Language setting and choose your desired language from the dropdown list in the window that appears.

  3. Review Translated Scheduling Page

    • After selecting a language and saving changes, preview your scheduling page to check the translations. You can do this by clicking the “View Live” button near the top of your Pages tab.

    • Essential scheduling aspects, like dates, durations, and instructions, get translated.

    • However, specific naming conventions from your organization, such as "sales team" or "discovery call," stay in the original language. For a seamless translation, adjust these names manually.

  4. Form Field Translations

    • Default fields like first and last names are translated. However, custom fields remain in the original language. Update these manually if needed.

  5. End of Scheduling Process Review

    • Check the final scheduling confirmation page to ensure translations are accurate and as intended.

Testing Your Setup

  • Schedule a test booking to review the whole process, including the translated email notifications sent to attendees.


  • This guide focuses on attendee-facing translations. For internal dashboard language updates, refer to this guide.

  • If a language option you need is missing, use the live chat tool to inform the Appointlet support team. They'll consider adding it based on user requests.

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