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Translate your account dashboard into a different language
Translate your account dashboard into a different language

Choose from English, German, French, Spanish, Danish, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese

Updated over a week ago

Appointlet's dashboard is written in English by default, however we offer a variety of language translation options for your internal account settings. Keep in mind this guide covers translations for the internal dashboard, so check out this guide if you need to update the language for your attendee-facing pages.

Dashboard Language Setting

To update your dashboard translations, begin by clicking the settings icon either from the left navigation menu or by clicking your profile image in the bottom left corner to reveal the Settings option in the popup menu.

In the settings window that loads, you'll find the dashboard language setting near the bottom of the My Profile tab as shown in the image below.

Click the box to expand the dropdown list and select the language option you'd like to use. Be sure to save your changes once you've chosen your language option. That's all there is to it!

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