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Share Your Scheduling Page with Others
Share Your Scheduling Page with Others

How to access your scheduling link and share it

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When you're ready to let clients start booking with you, Appointlet makes it easy to share your scheduling link anywhere that you connect with your audience, be it in an email, website, social media bio, or a text message. You can also make the page more widely available by embedding the scheduler directly on your website and utilizing the social media share links we provide to share your scheduling link in a post.

Sharing the General Scheduling Page

Begin by navigating to the Pages tab to view your scheduling pages and the meeting types contained within them. Click the dropdown arrow beside the View Live button to view the list of sharing options.

When you select Copy Link, the URL will be scoped to the entire scheduling page. This means that all of your published meeting types will be displayed there.

This is an efficient way to link clients to all of your services using a single URL. If each team member is set up with a scheduling page and their own collection of meeting types, this technique allows you to assign each team member to their own link.

Linking to Specific Meeting Types

The same share options are available on individual meeting types. The only difference is that the URL produced will be specific to the meeting type you've selected, so none of the others from your scheduling page will be included.

Placing Your Link in an Email

The "copy link" option will copy your scheduling page or meeting type URL to your clipboard, which makes it easy to paste it directly into an email or even your email signature. This means you can keep your scheduling offer nice and tidy by linking your URL to a string of text or even an image/graphic.

Posting on Social Media

Both the scheduling page and meeting type sharing buttons include Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn sharing options. Selecting any of these will draft a post on the selected service with your link.

Embedding Your Scheduler on a Website

Appointlet offers two embed scripts: one that allows you to place your full-scale scheduler on a website, and another that acts as a discreet popup widget. Please review this detailed guide to learn more about the website embed setup process.

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