Once your Appointlet account is set up and you're ready to publish, navigate to Pages and click the Share button.

When you select copy link, the URL will be scoped to the entire scheduling page. This means that all of your meeting types marked "public" will be displayed there.

Share the scheduling link anywhere that you connect with your audience, be it in an email or a text message. You can also make the page more widely available by embedding the scheduler directly on your website and utilizing the social media share links we provide.

The same share options are available on individual meeting types. The only difference is that the URL produced will be specific to the selection, so none of the others from your scheduling page will be included.

<a href=https://downloads.intercomcdn.com/i/o/262997185/0cfeb3b7f0aa196f7eec42a0/Screen+Shot+2020-11-04+at+8.42.01+PM.png"/>

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