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Embed Your Scheduling Page on a Website
Embed Your Scheduling Page on a Website

Add your scheduling page in-line on your website or as a button

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Appointlet offers a robust set of sharing options for your live scheduling page. If you'd prefer to skip the link and place your scheduler directly on your website, we have you covered there too! Appointlet offers two types of embed scripts that are compatible with most modern website builders and can be pasted directly into "Code" or "Embed" elements.

Accessing Embed Scripts

Once your Appointlet account is set up and you're ready to let clients start booking with you, begin by navigating to the Pages tab to view your scheduling pages and the meeting types contained within them. This is where you'll need to decide whether you'd like to embed a scheduling page or a specific meeting type.

Scheduling Page Embed

Click the Share button at the top of the Pages tab to expand a list of sharing options. Accessing the embed scripts from here will let you place your general scheduling page on a website, where clients will be prompted to choose which meeting type they'd like to schedule before choosing a time slot.

Meeting Type Embed

If you'd prefer to embed the scheduling page of a specific meeting type rather than your general scheduling page, click the Share button at the bottom left corner of a meeting type card to expand the same sharing menu. This type of embed will display the embedded meeting type's list of time slots on the front page.

Choosing an Embed Style

A new window will appear giving you two embed choices:

  1. Directly into your site: This options places a full-scale in-line embed of your scheduling page on your website. No links or additional windows required.

  2. Floating popup widget: This option places a discreet widget on your site for quick access on any page.

Select your preferred embed option and click Customize & Get Instructions to expose our script, which can be added directly to your site builder's "Code" or "Embed" element for easy embedding.

Click on the Copy icon at the top right of the script field to copy the script to your clipboard. This can then be pasted directly into your website where you would like to display your scheduling page.

Check out our Wix and Squarespace embed walkthroughs for detailed instructions on how to add the script to these specific sites.

Note: Wix only supports the in-line embed, not the floating popup widget.

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