When someone schedules a meeting with you, Appointlet is designed to send a single confirmation email and generate a calendar event for them. This ensures that attendees are able to keep the date and show up at the right time + location. Here's what one of those emails typically looks like:

However, some companies would prefer to send out Calendar Invitations as well. This will add the email address of attendees directly to their registered calendar event, so that a single event is shared amongst all participants.

To do this, open your meeting type editor and in the Notification section, switch on Calendar Invitations:

When this feature is turned on, we will add attendees directly to the meeting host's calendar event. If you move an event from one date to another, it will be rescheduled automatically. Be aware that this is true for both attendees as well, which means customers who are added to the calendar event will be able to move or delete events. This will impact the meeting for all associated attendees and hosts.

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