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Turn on Calendar Invitations for attendees
Turn on Calendar Invitations for attendees
Add your meeting attendees directly to the email calendar event
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When someone schedules a meeting with you, Appointlet is designed to send a single confirmation email and generate a calendar event for them. This ensures that attendees are able to keep the date and show up at the right time + location. Here's what one of those emails typically looks like:

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However, some companies would prefer to send out Calendar Invitations as well. This will add the email address of attendees directly to their registered calendar event, so that a single event is shared amongst all participants.

To enable and test this feature, open your meeting type editor and in the Notification section, switch on Calendar Invitations:

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When this feature is turned on, we will add attendees directly to the meeting host's calendar event under the guest list.

This feature also gives attendees the ability to invite others to the meeting. Please keep in mind that any additional attendees invited after the Appointlet meeting was initially scheduled will not be added to the meeting entry under My Meetings tab in the Appointlet dashboard.

Below, you'll see an example of the calendar event as it appears within a Google Calendar.

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Calendar events also include Yes, No, and Maybe options in the RSVP menu. Attendees who have received an invitation will automatically be marked Yes. This tool is used only to indicate the attendees intent to participate in the meeting within the external calendar, and will not cancel the meeting if any participant selects No or Maybe.

Keep in mind that both the host and attendees may adjust the start time for calendar events. Moving the event will prompt the event editor to send an optional update email to all other meeting participants:

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Moving an event within the external calendar, however, will not reschedule the event within Appointlet. The My Meetings tab will display the original time slot as it was initially configured. Because the calendar event is considered a "busy" event, the new time slot will be blocked out in Appointlet so that no one can double book it.It is recommended to leave a note for yourself or your team within the meeting entry to ensure that everyone is aware that event has been adjusted in the external calendar.

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