There are a few scenarios where you might want to pre-fill the Intake Form fields on your scheduling page; maybe you already know the user's email address and want to ensure they don't have to type it in again. Or if you're collecting the form data on your website and want to pass it over to Appointlet to facilitate the scheduling phase, you could have several custom fields to fill. We'll show you how to do that here.

Generally speaking, form fields can be pre-filled using query string. This means that you add some specially formatted text to the end of your existing appointlet scheduling page URL. If you need a refresher on how to generate a simple scheduling link, please see this article first. Once you have your URL, read on to learn how to generate a query string and attach it to your link.

What a query is and what it looks like

Let's say that your scheduling page is:

To initiate a query string, simply type "?" at the end of the scheduling url. Then provide the form field name you're trying to target, use an "=" symbol, and then type the value you want to pass in:

If you want to pass in data for multiple fields, you can string them together using an "&" symbol so that it looks like this:

Pre-fill the email or name fields

To pass an email into your scheduling page, you can use this format:

Use this format for first or last name fields:

If you want to pass first and last names together, simply string them together with the "&" symbol:

And of course, if you wanted to include email in that query:

Pre-fill custom form fields

To populate any other type of form field, start by opening your Meeting Type editor and clicking on an Intake Form field that you want to target. In this example we'll use phone number:

At the bottom of the field editor, you'll see a link that says "learn how to pre-fill responses". Go ahead and click on that:

Your field editor will expand to reveal a custom URL that's ready to go:

The format for custom fields will be field__field-name=VALUE so if you need to string it together with your other query params as outlined earlier, you absolutely can.

Notice the Hidden Field option below Pre-fill Responses. This option will allow you to hide the field from the scheduling page so the user does not view or have the option to edit the field response. You will need a premium subscription to use that feature.

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