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Sending Text Message Notifications
Sending Text Message Notifications

Integrate with Zapier to send automated texts

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Appointlet's Zapier integration automates the connection between our scheduling system and the applications that are critical to your workflow. This streamlined integration listens for key events in Appointlet - such as meeting scheduling, rescheduling, or cancellation - and automatically performs actions in other services.

As people move away from their computers and email accounts and look to their phones for notifications, Appointlet's Zapier integration is the modern solution to keeping your clients informed.

Why Zapier?

Connect with the other applications you use: Access over 1400+ third-party apps via Zapier, significantly expanding the functionality and reach of your Appointlet system.

Automate your workflow: Automate tasks between Appointlet and other applications, saving time and reducing manual effort in managing bookings and related activities.

Feel free to review our comprehensive Zapier setup guide for an overview of the Zapier interface and the list of events Appointlet can pass through to other applications.


Premium Appointlet Subscription: The Zapier integration system is a premium feature and will not function if set up with a free Appointlet account. You can review our premium features and pricing options here.

Zapier Account: Please visit the Zapier homepage and sign up for an account. Once you have finished the setup, you will be directed to your account dashboard.

Setting up your Zap

In Zapier, you'll see a navigation bar on the left side of the screen where you can click on Create Zap to begin setting up your integration.

Select App and Trigger Event

You'll need to begin by assigning your Appointlet account as the trigger application so Zapier know where to listen for events. Visit this guide for step-by-step instructions. In this guide, we'll use the Attendee Scheduled event so we can generate a text message each time someone confirms a meeting.

Connecting an SMS Service

Now it's time to set up an Action event. In this example, we'll be connecting with ClickSend SMS, a recommended SMS provider. Their solution has been tested and proven to work, so you can sign up for a free trial on their website if you want to follow along with this tutorial.

This is how you will define what action will take place when ClickSend receives a trigger from Appointlet. To begin, type ClickSend SMS into the search box and select the application from the list.

Choosing the Action Event

Once you've selected ClickSend SMS, you can choose which actions Appointlet should trigger. In this scenario, we want to select Send SMS so a new notification message is generated and sent to an attendee when they schedule a meeting through your Appointlet booking page.

Just as we did when connecting Appointlet, the next step will prompt you to connect a ClickSend SMS account. Select your account from the dropdown list and then proceed to the Set Up Action step.

Configuring Your Text Message

The action step is where you'll capture the attendee's phone number and build the text message that you want to sent to it.

Appointlet's intake form is used to collect information from the attendee before they confirm their meeting, such as their name and phone number. This information will be passed along to Zapier automatically when the meeting is confirmed, along with other key meeting data.

Locate the attendee's number in the "To" field and then build your message in the "Message" field. Simply type out your message and click on the variables that you want to reference.

Formatting Dates and Times

You'll notice that the date/time format in the Meeting Start variable is not very human-friendly. We recommend reformatting the date and time using the Zapier's Format tool outlined here.

Keep in mind you'll need to insert the Format tool between your trigger and action steps so the data coming out of Appointlet is altered before it reaches ClickSend. Adding a step like this is as simple as clicking the small plus sign between steps.

Once you've reformatted your date/time data, return to the "Message" field in your action step and click on the "Meeting Start" variable. In the dropdown menu you'll now see the new custom format. Click on the custom format to replace the complicated value with the clean new one.

From here, Zapier will run some tests to ensure that your zaps are working. If you used a real phone number for your test, you should receive the text message immediately. At this point, you can revise your message and continue testing as needed and then publish your Zap when you're ready to set it live.

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