So you've set up your scheduling page and are ready to share it with the world! In this quick article, we'll show you how to access your embed scripts and publish them to Squarespace.

Accessing the Embed Script

Once your Appointlet account is set up and you're ready to publish, navigate to the Pages screen and click the Share button.

This will expand a list of sharing options. In this instance, we want to select Embed on Website so we can add the scheduling page directly to the UI of a Squarespace website.

If you'd prefer to embed the scheduling page of a specific meeting type rather than your general scheduling page, click the Share button at the bottom left corner of a meeting type card to expand the same sharing menu.

Once you've selected Embed on Website, a new window will appear giving you two embed choices: Directly into your site or Floating popup widget.

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Select your preferred embed option and click Customize & Get Instructions to expose our script, which can be added directly to your site for easy embedding.

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Click on the Copy icon at the top right of the script field to copy the script to your clipboard. This can then be pasted directly into your website where you would like to display your scheduling page.

Adding the Embed Script to Squarespace

Now that you've located and copied the embed script, you're ready to load it into your Squarespace site. Login to your Squarespace account and open your site editor. Select the plus sign to add a new element to your site.

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In the menu that appears, select the Code option near the bottom left.

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This will open a new window where you can paste the Appointlet embed script. This will automatically load the scheduling page into the embed box that appears. Click and drag the nodes around the borders of your embedded scheduling page to adjust the size and location as needed. You're ready to begin scheduling directly from your Squarespace site!

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