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Test your Stripe or PayPal Payment Integration
Test your Stripe or PayPal Payment Integration

Make sure that payments are being collected accurately

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Once your Stripe or PayPal account has been set up and connected in Appointlet, you may want to run a test to make sure it's working. To test your account, begin by selecting a meeting type and navigating to the Payments tab.

Select the payment collection service you've integrated and set the price to $1.00. While there is no minimum transaction amount in PayPal, Stripe requires a $1.00 minimum to test payment integrations. We recommend setting the meeting type status to Hidden using so no one can see this meeting type on your live scheduling page.

Click Save and Publish to save this configuration and return to the Pages view. Now, select the ellipses (...) in the bottom right corner of this meeting type's card and select View Live Page to view the scheduling page and begin scheduling a test meeting.

From here you will be walked through the scheduling flow. If the Stripe or PayPal account has been connected successfully, you will be prompted to pay.

When the meeting goes through, you should see the money come through to your integrated payment collection account, and it will come back to you as a bank deposit a few days later.

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