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Sharing Outlook calendars between team members
Sharing Outlook calendars between team members

Check other team member's Outlook/Office 365 calendar for availability conflicts and add meetings to a central company calendar

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Appointlet allows team members to set up their own calendar integrations, but for large teams it's often helpful to share events between Outlook accounts. This is especially beneficial in the following scenarios:

  1. Administrators want to review all team member bookings in a central calendar.

  2. Team members need to check a shared company calendar for conflicting events.

  3. Team members need to check other members' calendars for conflicting events.

  4. Any of the above must occur without sharing Outlook credentials between team members.

When paired with Appointlet's calendar integration system, Outlook's calendar sharing tool is the perfect way to ensure everyone has visibility over the relevant meetings without sharing confidential information.


  • An Office 365/Outlook account.

  • Outlook calendar connected to Appointlet.

  • Access to the Outlook calendars of team members who need to share calendars and events.

Connecting Team Member Calendars

Begin by having each member who needs to share or gain access to shared calendar connect their own Outlook calendar account. Each member will need to log into their own profile and configure this integration in the Calendar Sync menu.

You can also access each member's calendar integration settings via the Calendar tab in the Availability menu.

Sharing Outlook Calendars With Others

Now that each member has connected Outlook and Appointlet, it's time to share access to the accounts between members and/or administrators.

If you manage a calendar that needs to be shared with others, log into your Office 365/Outlook account and locate the calendar you want to share with your team. Click the ellipses (...) to the right of the calendar and select Sharing and permissions.

In the new menu that appears, enter the email addresses of the other team members who need access to the calendar you're trying to share. It's important to double check that the email addresses you send the invitations to are the ones your team members are using for the Appointlet calendar configurations. When you've listed all the members who need to access the calendar, click Share.

Using Shared Calendars in Appointlet

Once you've shared your calendars with the team members who need access to them, they'll be required to accept the invitation email. Accepting these invitations grants your members permission to use the shared calendar in Appointlet.

Each member should now return to the Calendar Sync menu in their Appointlet accounts. The shared calendars will now appear in the list of Meetings Calendar and Availability Calendar options.

Check out this guide to review how Meetings Calendars and Availability Calendars behave to ensure that each member has updated their calendar integration correctly. We also recommend scheduling at least one test meeting after making these changes to confirm that busy events from the correct calendar(s) are being detected and that meetings are being directed to the correct calendar once confirmed.

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