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Invitation Accepted - Welcome to Appointlet
Invitation Accepted - Welcome to Appointlet

Instructions for connecting your calendar and configuring availability

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If you've been invited to an Appointlet organization by another member, welcome aboard! While much of your organization may already have been configured by your organization's admin, you'll still need to get yourself set up as a member. We've outlined the most important steps to get you up and running.

  1. Connect a calendar: In order to detect busy events in your Meeting Calendar and write new booking events to it, Appointlet needs to authenticate the connection. Follow this guide to get your calendar connected.

  2. Connect Web Conferencing Software: This isn't a requirement when making a new account, but it will be necessary if you plan to meet with clients on a web conference. We support integration with a number of web conferencing providers such as Zoom, Join.Me, GoToMeeting, Google Meet and Cisco WebEx.

  3. Configure a Scheduling Page: Once your Meeting Calendar and Web Conferencing software (if applicable) are connected, the next step is to configure your availability. We recommend speaking with your management to nail down their expectations for you as a new member. A Scheduling Page is created automatically when you sign up, but be sure to check in with your team leaders before configuring it. They may have either created a Scheduling Page for you already, or will ask you to create your own.

If you are asked to create your own Scheduling Page, you can create one and access it by selecting it from the Scheduling Pages menu as shown in the photo below.

Within each Scheduling Page, you can create and configure Meeting Types to set up a pathway for clients to book with you. This means establishing the dates and times you wish to be bookable, as well as setting up scheduling rules to complement and enhance your workflow. To configure Meeting Types within your Scheduling Page, please follow our instructions to do so here.

That's all there is to it! Once you've completed these steps, you'll have the ability to share your Scheduling Page link with clients so they can schedule meetings with you.

To explore Appointlet's features in greater detail, you're welcome to visit our knowledge base or use the chat tool in your dashboard to contact us directly with any inquiries you may have along the way. Happy scheduling!

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