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Invitation Accepted - Welcome to Appointlet
Invitation Accepted - Welcome to Appointlet

Instructions for connecting your calendar and configuring availability

Updated over a week ago

If you've been invited to an Appointlet organization by another member, welcome aboard! While much of your organization may already have been configured by your account admin, you'll still need to get yourself set up as a member. We've outlined the most important steps to get you up and running.

  1. Connect a calendar: Allows Appointlet to create calendar events for you when people book with you and make sure you aren't double booked when you're busy. Follow this guide to get your calendar connected.

  2. Connect Web Conferencing Software: This isn't a requirement when making a new account, but it will be necessary if you plan to meet with clients on a web conference. Click here to get started.

  3. Configure Your Page: The scheduling page is where people will go to schedule meetings with you. The services or things that people can book are called "meeting types" in Appointlet and will be listed on your scheduling page, each with their own time slots. You'll receive your own page automatically upon joining the account, but an admin may add you to a team page if needed.

Once you've configured your basic settings, it's important to test your scheduling page to make sure the booking flow looks correct and behaves as intended. For a more comprehensive look at these setup steps, visit this guide or check out Appointlet's help center.

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