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Getting Started with Appointlet

Essential setup steps to automate your online scheduling flow

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Welcome to Appointlet, your tool for seamless and efficient online scheduling! With our platform, you'll be able to effortlessly coordinate meetings, manage team availability, and integrate essential tools to optimize your scheduling process.

Understanding Scheduling Pages and Meeting Types

At the heart of Appointlet are Scheduling Pages and Meeting Types. Scheduling Pages are where your attendees will go to book meetings with you.

Those meetings are represented by Meeting Types. Each meeting type has its own settings like location (physical place, phone call, or web conference), intake form, and scheduling rules.

Setting up Availability

Appointlet’s availability tool allows you to choose the dates and times you’d like to be available, whether you're consistently available at the same times each week or on specific dates only. There are two ways to set up availability:

  1. Schedules: Configure one or more schedules for yourself and team members in the Schedule Manager. Schedules are helpful when you need to use the same availability across multiple meeting types.

  2. Ad Hoc Availability: Make exceptions to your standard schedule(s) for a specific meeting type. This is especially helpful when multiple people are assigned to a meeting type who need to use the same schedule.

Click here to learn more about these types of availability and how to configure your time slots.

Connecting a Calendar

Appointlet supports connections with Google and Office 365/Outlook calendars and will add meetings to the calendar of your choice while blocking out time slots when you're already busy. You can view our detailed calendar integration guides here.

Connecting a Web Conferencing Account

If you offer virtual meetings, integrating a web conferencing tool with Appointlet streamlines the process. Once connected, Appointlet can automatically generate meeting links for your appointments.

Appointlet offers direct integrations with Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex, GoToMeeting, and Join.Me. Don’t see your web conferencing service in the list? Rest assured, Appointlet allows you to add a custom web conferencing link as well. Click here to view our list of web conferencing integration guides to learn more.

Testing Your Scheduling Page

After setting up your preferences, it’s essential to test your scheduling page to ensure everything runs smoothly for your attendees. Simply navigate to your Pages tab and click the "View Live" button at the top of the screen. This lets you experience your scheduling page just like an attendee would, ensuring that they get the best booking experience possible.

On the live scheduling page, your attendees will follow the steps listed below:

  1. Choose a meeting type: All public meeting types contained within a single scheduling page will available for selection on the first page of the scheduling process.

  2. Choose a time slot: Attendees will be asked to select the time they’d like to book per your availability settings.

  3. Fill out the intake form: Appointlet requires a name and email address to submit a booking. Click here to learn how to set up your own custom fields to collect other information from your incoming attendees.

  4. Confirm the booking: Attendees will land on the confirmation page after filling out the intake form, indicating that they’ll receive a confirmation email with their meeting details.

By completing these foundational steps, you'll be set to maximize your experience with Appointlet. As you continue to explore, remember that detailed guides are available for each feature to support your journey. Welcome aboard, and here's to streamlined scheduling!

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