Scheduling group meetings but need to screen your applicants before admitting them? Appointlet's Meeting Drawer streamlines the approval process with a clean view of pending requests and easy-to-use tools to quickly approve or decline attendees.

Enable Manual Approval

Before we dive into the Meeting Drawer itself, you'll need to be sure to enable Manual Approval in your group meeting type's Confirmation tab. Please keep in mind that this feature is only available with a premium subscription.

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View Pending Requests

Once you've received a meeting request, navigate to the Meetings tab to open your upcoming meetings display and view your pending requests. Meetings with pending requests are highlighted in yellow and show the number of pending attendees on the right side of the meeting box.

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Click anywhere on the meeting box to expand the meeting details. The Meeting Drawer will open from the right-hand side of your screen. This view contains all the basic meeting information including the meeting type name, date and time, meeting location, and list of participants.

The status bar at the top of the Meeting Drawer is yellow when meeting requests are pending approval. These attendees are marked with yellow indicators in the meeting participant list below as well.

Approve or Decline

You can approve or decline pending requests by clicking the thumbs up (approve) or thumbs down (decline) icons beside each pending attendee. This method comes in handy if you need to screen each attendee's intake form responses individually before making your decision. Intake form answers are listed in the blue field just below each attendee.

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Alternatively, you can quickly approve all attendees with a single click using the Approve All button at the top right of the pending attendees list. Before making your decision official, you'll get an opportunity to provide an optional message for your clients.

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Click Approve Attendee or Decline Attendee to finalize your decision. Once you've finished approving or declining all pending requests, the meeting status banner will turn green indicating that the meeting is officially confirmed.

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At this point, you're all set to move forward with the meeting as scheduled. Just be sure to keep an eye on your email inbox and My Meetings display for any new requests if your group meeting is not yet at capacity.

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