Want to host multiple attendees during a single time slot? This is a common request when people are scheduling groups and classes. Fortunately, we've got you covered!

Note: If you're looking for instructions on how to assign multiple team members to a meeting type, please see this article instead.

To accomplish this, we'll be creating a Group Meeting Type. Navigate to your Scheduling Pages dashboard and click on the New Meeting Type button.

From here you will be presented with the option to name your Meeting Type and designate whether it's a One-on-One or Class/Group meeting type.

Once you've created the meeting type, click on the card in your Scheduling Page dashboard to edit it:

From the meeting type editor, click on Scheduling Rules to access the maximum attendee feature. This will allow you to set a limit on how many people can join your meeting, so you don't get overbooked:

Once you save this meeting type and share the link with your audience, the scheduling page will only show times where that maximum attendee limit has not already been exceeded. When a meeting's time slot is full, Appointlet will automatically remove that time from the scheduling page. If an attendee cancels, that time slot will open back up for others to select.

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