Whether you're scheduling one-on-one consultations or group meetings, it's important to stay on top of important meeting details and keep your team in the loop if plans change. Appointlet's Meeting Drawer makes it easy to view and edit meeting information and even allows you to publish notes for yourself or your team.

Access the Meeting Drawer

To view the meeting details display, navigate to the Meetings tab and click on any meeting entry. The Meeting Drawer will expand from the right side of your screen. This view contains all the basic meeting information including the meeting type name, date and time, meeting location, and list of participants.

The status bar at the top of the Meeting Drawer indicates whether a meeting is confirmed (green), pending (yellow), or cancelled (red). You can reschedule or cancel a meeting using the icons in the top right corner of this view.

Attendee Details

Under the Attendees tab you'll find a list of meeting participants including the host and any non-host members that have been assigned to the meeting type and enabled in the Host Assignment menu. Be sure to review our Host Assignment guide to learn how to include additional team members when you get booked.

Below each attendee you'll find the answers they provided when filling out the custom fields on your intake form.

Hover your cursor over the globe icon to the right of any participant's name to view their time zone settings. This is a great way to keep track of each attendee's physical location so you can make a more personable introduction when it comes time to start the meeting.

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If you need to edit the time zone or any other attendee information, click the ellipses (...) to the right of their name and select Edit Info to make the necessary changes. A new window will appear where you can edit the attendee name, email, time zone, and intake form responses. This comes in handy if an attendee either needs to make an adjustment or if they made a typo when filling out the intake form. Be sure to click Save Changes to finalize your edits.

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Meeting Notes

Select the Notes button to open the notes log and then click the box that reads Write a Note to start typing. Once you've typed out a note, click Add Note to publish it to the notes log.

Each note includes the profile image and name of the member who posted it, as well as a time stamp to indicate when it was added. Notes can be added before, after or during a meeting and are a great way to leave reminders for yourself or to keep your team up to speed if plans change. Click here to take a closer look at the Meeting Notes feature.

Approve or Decline Meeting Requests

With a premium subscription, you can enable Manual Approval for both one-on-one and group meeting types. This feature fires off a meeting request after the client completes the scheduling process rather than instantly confirming the meeting.

You can approve or decline pending requests in the Meeting Drawer by clicking the thumbs up (approve) or thumbs down (decline) icons beside each pending attendee. This method comes in handy if you need to screen each attendee's intake form responses individually before making your decision.

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Alternatively, you can quickly approve all attendees with a single click using the Approve All button at the top right of the pending attendees list. Click here to take a more detailed look at the manual approval setup steps.

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