Integrate Google Calendar with Appointlet

How to connect your Google Calendar account and configure calendars for scheduling

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Connecting a Google Calendar allows you to track and manage your Appointlet meetings outside of the application, eliminating the need to log in to check your agenda. Whether operating alone or with a team, this integration makes controlling your schedule easy so you can focus on your priority tasks.

How the Integration Works

An integration between Google Calendar and Appointlet is essentially a two-way conversation. Appointlet will add meetings to a Google Calendar of your choice, while checking any others within your connected Google account(s) for busy events to keep you from being double booked over your external commitments. Here's how Appointlet handles these actions:

  • Add new meetings to your calendar: When someone schedules with you, Appointlet will automatically add an event to your calendar.

  • Prevents double bookings: Appointlet will make sure that if you have existing events in your calendar, those times won’t be offered when users schedule with you.

  • Attendees receive invitations: After people schedule with you, they’ll get an invitation from Google Calendar just as they would when you create an event manually.


In order to connect Google Calendar to Appointlet, you’ll need one of the following:

  • Standard Google account (with an domain)

  • Google Workspace account (with a custom domain)

If you’re using Google Workspace, you may need to confirm that your Workspace administrator has granted permission for third-party applications.

Connecting Your Account

Integrating Google Calendar and Appointlet is a simple 3-step process, outlined below:

  1. Select Settings from the left navigation bar in your Appointlet dashboard.

  2. Navigate to the Calendar Sync tab.

  3. Click Connect next to the Google integration option and grant the requested permissions in the window that appears.

At this point, the connection is complete and you’re ready to begin configuring your calendars.

Configuring the Integration

Now that your Google account is connected, it's time to configure how you want it to behave. Please see this guide for configuration instructions.

Testing the Integration

Before scheduling meetings with clients, it's helpful to test your new integration to make sure everything is working properly. Use the View Live tool at the top of your dashboard to open the live scheduler and book a test meeting.

Once you've scheduled your test meeting, navigate to Google Calendar and check to see if the event showed up in the calendar configured as your Meetings Calendar.

To ensure you've configured your Availability Calendar(s) correctly, create a calendar event within any of the Availability Calendars you've selected in Appointlet. Be sure to schedule it during your hours of availability.

Now, return to Appointlet and preview your live scheduling page again. You'll notice that the time slots overlapping with this busy event have been removed from your live scheduling page. Now you're ready to begin scheduling with improved visibility and control over your meetings!


If you’re having trouble connecting Google Calendar, you may want to reach out to your IT administration to ensure that permission has been granted to connect third-party applications.

If you’re having trouble getting Appointlet to reflect your availability in your calendar, please see this guide.

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